Case Studies

Drew & Rogers has created a series of case studies showcasing some our Virtual Ordering Solutions (VOS) by industry segment. We present these studies to demonstrate the challenge of each company, the solutions we offered and, most importantly, the real results of using our VOS. Our goal is to provide solutions that not only work operationally but also present real-life savings in both time and expense. At Drew & Rogers, we strongly believe that the key to success is savings, and our VOS allows clients to do just that.


The bank was able to reduce the cost of their operational supplies by 30%. Major improvements in efficiency were realized…

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Franchisees are able to order and pay for their print collateral online while receiving the competitive pricing a larger corporation…

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The most important goal of unifying the brand across branches was achieved. The Accounting department now receives a single invoice…

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Needed to create a 24/7 sales support tool for the national sales team that encompassed marketing’s existing strategies as well…

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The orders became streamlined so the end result included faster turnaround times, less expensive labels, and more accurate label products.

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Moog was looking for a single supplier for the entire organization across the globe.

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