Leverage the Benefits of Online Shopping with a Branded Company Store


People now shop online to order everything, from books to groceries, which all end up delivered straight to their door. We’re going to discuss some of the benefits of online shopping, and how setting up a virtual store can leverage these benefits in a corporate setting.


In an age where almost everything can be looked up and purchased via a smartphone or laptop, it is no wonder that online stores provide the most convenient shopping experience. Consumers are able to browse multiple sites to find the products they need when it fits into their busy day, even when they are away from their office or computer. Although websites lack a physical salesman, questions can be answered quickly and efficiently by a phone call or email. When setting up a company store, your employees, administrators, and clients have the ability to order 24/7.

Another benefit to online shopping is the obvious convenience of not having to leave your home or office to trek to the store. Virtual ordering allows shopping and communication anywhere in the world. You are no longer limited to purchasing behavior based on physical location restrictions, making it easy to browse and buy wherever you have internet access.


The Virtual Ordering Solutions division of Drew & Rogers creates online stores for our clients’ print, packaging, and promotional items. For example, franchisees across the country are able to order print collateral and marketing materials online and customize the corporate design with appropriate names, addresses, and pricing details for their specific location. Before placing the order, you also get to view and approve an online proof to make sure the product is exactly the way you want it. Business cards, menus, brochures, postcards, and more can be added to an online ordering system, which is especially useful for industries such as franchises, retail, and insurance companies with multiple locations and/or a large sales force.


When ordering online, you usually receive a receipt via email and are able to see reporting through your banking or credit card statements. An online company store from Drew & Rogers provides businesses with an even more robust set of reporting tools. This added layer of reporting includes the ability to review who placed the order, how much was spent, the associated cost centers, and fulfillment timeframes.

Online marketing portals are provided for entire sales organizations to enhance efficiency and productivity within the business. No longer do staff members have to find a local printer for business cards, or use the wrong logo, that doesn’t meet style guide requirements, to have them printed. All of the orders are controlled through the company store using approved artwork and printers.

Similar to online retail marketplaces, our company web stores have products organized in categories and sub-categories for easy navigation and faster product identification and ordering. This is especially useful for companies with a large portfolio of collateral that expands across multiple marketing campaigns and print mediums.

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Drew & Rogers is recognized today as a leading supplier of print management services, business forms, packaging, labels, and promotional products. Each division is dedicated to providing you quality products and services with convenience in mind. All aspects can be incorporated into your company store, so if you can’t find a product you need, there’s a good chance Drew & Rogers can provide it to you.

Ordering business products and services online saves you time and money. We are happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about how a branded company store can improve your bottom line. Our staff and support teams are knowledgeable of industry best practices and changing trends.

If you would like to see how a company store is setup and utilized, please check out our short two minute introduction video:

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